Solar energy and energy independence for buildings, technologies for energy savings, one of the priorities of the company. In our projects we use technology the most famous producers of solar energy. Environment protection, creating and maintaining space for a comfortable life is possible only with the use of environmentally friendly technologies and materials. In projects we strive to work towards the use of natural resources and materials that are renewable in nature. A creative team of our company consists of professional architects, designers and decorators. Our expertise allows you to create the interiors of various styles and directions from the historical to the highly-advanced. During its existence, we have developed more than a dozen projects for corporate and private interiors, each of which was invested with a maximum energy. Our goal is to create the individual image of your interior, as well as the embodiment of it in life. We support the project at all stages of its development from a professional consultation to comprehensive development, implementation and delivery of interior turnkey.All the aesthetic and technical issues are in our competence. Our experts in the field of building design, engineering and construction, experienced and talented architects and decorators will be able to advise on any matter relating to the implementation of your projects at any stage of their development.Several of our partners in the field of construction can make a profitable and feasible proposals for construction and installation works. Decent quality and commitment regarding the timing of the work will enter the facility into operation in accordance with your plans.​